Let's create a future
with more interesting human work & less boring repetitive tasks.

AI to streamline the mundane, empowering you
to engage in what truly ignites your passion.


Our Purpose

We want people to love the work they do.


Our Mission

We enable ambitious professionals & leaders to become more efficient, productive & creative at work with AI. With more time, people can focus on the work they are really good at & truly love to do.


Our Vision

People are more happy, successful & satisfied at work leading to a more fulfilled life; a more sustainable economy and a healthier society.

Founder & CEO

Aaron Keilhau


Co-Founder & CEO of the Software Start-Up Pay with a Tweet / Firal

Many years of experience in the Online Learning industry working for a Google Education Joint Venture, Headstart Studios & the OMR Academy. Developed the online course „AI for Legal“ together with the Bucerius Law School and the Legal Tech Association at the end of 2023.

Creator of the Learning Journal & the Cleer® learning system


"AI changes the way we work & opens up many opportunities for us. We can already use AI for many of our work tasks and free up valuable time. But most people need to be enabled in order to use AI in a confident & safe way. That is exactly why we build the AI Club." - Aaron